My First Three Act Math

Act 1: What is the probability that a contestant wins on their first attempt?

Act 2: What additional information is needed? (Rules – which are already given)

Act 3: What is the probability of winning the car after the contestant is told how many numbers are correct?

I did this with my 7th graders and it went really well. I paused the video at certain points to let them write down their guesses and questions. Each student wrote down their own guess for the price before I showed the contestant guessing. To solve they used tree diagrams to list all possible prices of the car. They also found the solution using compound probability.

This is my first attempt at creating my own three act math task.  I really like the idea I’ve got but I think the video is too long to really hook the students.  It gives away too much.  My thought is to cut the clip down so that only the portion of the video when the woman is making her guesses is played.  That would be Act 1.  For Act 2, when we go over the additional information that is needed, I could show the portion of the video where Drew explains the rules.  For the Act 3 extension, I would show the portion of the clip with the contestant asking the mighty sound effects lady how many were correct.  I really like this extension question because it has a nice connection to combinations.


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